Supermicro Announces Future Support and Upcoming Early Access for 5th Gen Intel Xeon Processors on the Complete Family of X13 Servers

Supermicro Announces Future Support and Upcoming Early Access for 5th Gen Intel Xeon Processors on the Complete Family of X13 Servers

Sep 20, 2023

San Jose (California) [US], September 20: Intel Innovation 2023 -- Supermicro, Inc. (NASDAQ: SMCI), a Total IT Solution Provider for Cloud, AI/ML, Storage, and 5G/Edge, is announcing future support for the upcoming 5th Gen Intel Xeon processors. In addition, Supermicro will soon offer early shipping and free remote early access testing of the new Systems via its 
 for qualified customers. To learn more, go to 
 for details. The Supermicro 8x GPU optimized servers, the SuperBlade® servers, and the Hyper Series will soon be ready for customers to test their workloads on the new CPU.
"Supermicro's range of Generative High-Performance AI systems, including recently launched GPUs, continues to lead the industry in AI offerings with its broad range of X13 family of servers designed for various workloads, from the edge to the cloud," said Charles Liang, president, and CEO, Supermicro. "Our support for the upcoming 5th Gen Intel Xeon processors, with more cores, an increased performance per watt, and the latest DDR5-5600MHz memory, will allow our customers to realize even greater application performance and power efficiency for AI, Cloud, 5G Edge, and Enterprise workloads. These new features will help customers accelerate their business and maximize their competitive advantage."

 about how Supermicro is working with Intel to bring to market new X13 servers with the 5th Gen Intel Xeon processors.
Supermicro X13 systems will be able to take advantage of the new processors' built-in workload accelerators, enhanced security features, and increased performance within the same power envelope as the previous generation of 4th Gen Intel Xeon processors. Using PCIe 5.0, the latest peripheral devices using CXL 1.1, NVMe storage, and the latest GPU accelerators deliver reduced application execution times. Customers will soon be able to leverage the new 5th Gen Intel Xeon processors in the tried-and-tested Supermicro X13 servers, with no software redesign or architectural changes required, reducing the lead times associated with completely new platforms and CPU designs, resulting in a faster time to productivity.
"5th Gen Intel® Xeon® processors build on the success of the Xeon platform, which has been leading the way in data center compute for several generations," said Lisa Spelman, CVP and GM Xeon Products & Solutions at Intel. "Our strong partnership with Supermicro will help deliver the benefits of 5th Gen Intel Xeon processors to customers soon and on platforms already proven in the data center."
The Supermicro portfolio of X13 systems is performance optimized, energy efficient, incorporates improved manageability and security, supports open industry standards, and is rack-scale optimized.
Performance Optimized
- Support for the most performant CPUs and GPUs
- Support for DDR5 memory, which speeds up data movement to and from the CPUs, improving execution times.
- Support for PCIe 5.0, which doubles the bandwidth to peripherals, reducing communication time to storage or hardware accelerators.
- Support for Compute Express Link (CXL 1.1) allows applications to share resources, enabling applications to work with much larger data sets than ever before.
- Built-in Intel Accelerator Engines for workload-specific acceleration. These include Intel Advanced Matrix Extensions for AI, Intel Data Streaming Accelerator for networking and storage, Intel In-Memory Analytics Accelerator for memory-bound applications, Intel Dynamic Load Balancer for load balancing, and Intel vRAN Boost for increased efficiency on mobile network workloads.
-Intel Trust Domain Extensions (Intel TDX) will be in general availability with 5th Gen Intel Xeon processors.
- AI and Metaverse-ready with a wide range of powerful GPUs.
- Support for multiple 400G InfiniBand and Data Processing Units (DPU) enables real-time collaboration with extremely low latencies.
Energy Efficient - Reduces Datacenter OPEX
- The systems can run in high-temperature data center environments up to 40° C (104° F), reducing cooling costs.
- Supports free-air cooling or rack-scale liquid cooling technologies.
- Support for multiple airflow cooling zones for maximum CPU and GPU performance.
- In-house design of Titanium level power supplies ensures improved operational efficiency.
Improved Security and Manageability 
- NIST 800-193 compliant hardware platform Root of Trust (RoT) on every server node provides secure boots, secure firmware updates, and automatic recovery.
- Second-generation Silicon RoT designed to include industry standards opens up tremendous opportunities for collaboration and innovation.
- Open industry standards-based attestation/supply chain assurance from motherboard manufacturing through server production to customers. Supermicro has cryptographically attested the integrity of each component and firmware using signed certificates and secure device identity.
- Run-time BMC protections continuously monitor threats and provide notification services.
- Hardware TPMs provide additional capabilities and measurements needed to run systems in secure environments.
- Remote Management built on industry standard and secure Redfish APIs enables seamless integration of Supermicro products into existing infrastructure.
- A comprehensive software suite that enables rack management at scale for IT infrastructure solutions deployed across the core to the edge.
- Integrated and verified solutions with 3rd party standard hardware and firmware enable the best out-of-the-box experience for IT administrators.
Support for Open Industry Standards
- EDSFF E1.S and E3.S storage drives provide a future-proof platform with a common connector for all form factors, a wide range of power profiles, and improved thermal profiles.
- OCP 3.0 compliant Advanced IO module (AIOM) cards, which will provide up to 400 Gbps bandwidth based on PCIe 5.0.
- OCP Open Accelerator Module Universal Base Board Design for the GPU complex.
- Open ORV2-compliant DC-powered rack bus bar.
- Open BMC and Open BIOS (OCP OSF) support on select products.
Supermicro will offer early access availability of X13 systems powered by 5th Gen Intel Xeon processors to qualified customers through its remote JumpStart and Early Ship programs. The Supermicro JumpStart program allows qualified customers to perform workload validation with the new Supermicro systems. Go to 
 for details.
The Supermicro X13 Portfolio Includes the following:
SuperBlade® – Supermicro's high-performance, density-optimized, and energy-efficient multi-node platform optimized for AI, Data Analytics, HPC, Cloud, and Enterprise workloads.
GPU Servers with PCIe GPUs – Systems supporting advanced accelerators to deliver dramatic performance gains and cost savings. These systems are designed for HPC, AI/ML, rendering, and VDI workloads.
Universal GPU Servers – Open, modular, standards-based servers that provide superior performance and serviceability with GPU options, including the latest PCIe, OAM, and NVIDIA SXM technologies.
Petascale Storage – Industry-leading storage density and performance with EDSFF E1.S and E3.S drives, allowing unprecedented capacity and performance in a single 1U or 2U chassis.
Hyper – Flagship performance rackmount servers are built to take on the most demanding workloads along with the storage & I/O flexibility that provides a custom fit for a wide range of application needs.
Hyper-E – Delivers the power and flexibility of our flagship Hyper family optimized for deployment in edge environments. Edge-friendly features include a short-depth chassis and front I/O, making Hyper-E suitable for edge data centers and telco cabinets.
BigTwin® – 2U 2-Node or 2U 4-Node platform providing superior density, performance, and serviceability with dual processors per node and hot-swappable tool-less design. These systems are ideal for cloud, storage and media workloads.
GrandTwin™ – Purpose-built for single-processor performance and memory density, featuring front (cold aisle) hot-swappable nodes and front or rear I/O for easier serviceability.
FatTwin® – Advanced, high density multi-node 4U twin architecture with 8 or 4 single-processor nodes optimized for data center compute or storage density.
Edge Servers – High-density processing power in compact form factors optimized for telco cabinet and Edge data center installation. Optional DC power configurations and enhanced operating temperatures up to 55° C (131° F).
CloudDC – All-in-one platform for cloud data centers, with flexible I/O and storage configurations and dual AIOM slots (PCIe 5.0; OCP 3.0 compliant) for maximum data throughput.
WIO – Offers a wide range of I/O options to deliver truly optimized systems for specific enterprise requirements.
Mainstream - Cost-effective dual processor platforms for everyday enterprise workloads
Enterprise Storage – Optimized for large-scale object storage workloads, utilizing 3.5" spinning media for high density and exceptional TCO. Front and front/rear loading configurations provide easy access to drives, while tool-less brackets simplify maintenance.
Workstations – Delivering data center performance in portable, under-desk form factors, Supermicro X13 workstations are ideal for AI, 3D design, and media & entertainment workloads in offices, research labs, and field offices.
For more information about Supermicro's X13 family of servers, please visit 

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