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Former owner of CBA outfit Shandong reportedly owe players salaries for up to 1 year

Sep 04, 2021

Beijing (China), September 4 : Players from the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) outfit Shandong Heroes are seeking help from the sport's national governing body over payment in arrears.
A letter containing the signatures of 16 Shandong players and staff circulated online on Friday, claiming that the Xiwang Group owed them in salaries for eight to 12 months and this issue has impacted their normal life.
A spokesperson from the CBA told Xinhua on Friday that the league's governing body had received the application for intermediation from Shandong players, and hoped to see this issue be solved as soon as possible.
The CBA spokesperson added that the Shandong club paid a part of the arrears on Friday, while the remainder will be paid at a later stage.
"We will proactively intermediate between the two parties and spare no effort in safeguarding players' rights," he said.
Shandong Hi-Speed Group has taken over the club since September 1 after reaching an agreement with the Xiwang Group and other parties involved over the shares transfer of the Shandong club.
The Shandong Heroes finished fourth in the 2020-21 season CBA league.
Source : Xinhua