Waiting for the thank you: S Jaishankar on India’s position on Ukraine

Nov 16, 2023

London (UK), November 16 (ANI): External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar spoke at the Indian High Commission’s (London) event titled “How a Billion People See the World” on November 15. He expressed his stance on the Russia-Ukraine war and said the country deserves a thank you because the oil purchase from Russia helped manage global inflation. He said, “When it comes to the purchase of oil...In fact, at least India was a big enough country to command some respect in the markets but there were much smaller countries that didn't even get responses to their tender inquiries because the LNG suppliers were no longer interested in dealing with them, they have bigger fish to fry. So we've actually softened the oil markets and the gas markets through our purchase policies. We have, as a consequence actually managed global inflation...I'm waiting for the thank you.”