UK: Car collides into UK Rishi Sunak’s office gates, one person arrested

May 26, 2023

London (United Kingdom), May 26 (ANI): A car collided with the front gates of Downing Street on May 26, where UK PM Rishi Sunak's office and residence are based. The London police informed that one person was arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving. An eyewitness, Simon Parry, 44, who was protesting opposite Downing Street and saw the incident, said he heard a loud bang and then a lot of people ran out of the way in a panic. Police put in place a small cordon blocking traffic along Whitehall, a main road running past Downing Street where several government departments are based. Less than an hour after the incident, police were examining the car as workers milled around a short distance away. The current terrorism threat level in Britain is "substantial", meaning an attack is considered likely.