Tesla, Starlink in India soon? Minister Piyush Goyal explains reason behind his Tesla factory visit

Nov 17, 2023

San Francisco (USA), November 17 (ANI): Union Minister for Commerce & Industry Piyush Goyal spoke exclusively with ANI on when will Tesla and Starlink come to India and what discussions are going on over it. Union Minister said that as India’s capacities have increased in recent years in producing automobile parts and components it will expand India’s electric auto ecosystem. Piyush Goyal further stated that India is poised to become big producer of electric vehicles. He said, “The purpose of my visit was clear, I was looking at engaging with the high quality, senior level Indian talent who's contributing to Tesla's success story and I was also very keen to see the electric vehicle factory because we are now increasingly contributing, through parts and components in the making of electric vehicles. Last year, India exported about a billion dollars’ worth of goods. This year, it'll almost double to $1.9 billion of exports from India to Tesla. India is producing really high-quality products, spare parts, auto components, which I'm sure will help us as we expand our electric auto ecosystem. As more and more companies from around the world come into India, as our two companies, Tata and Mahindra, who are doing a fabulous job on promoting and manufacturing electric vehicles in India, expand their operations, I think in every respect, India is poised to become a big market and a big producer of electric vehicles. No decisions have been taken on any score in terms of when Tesla will come, in what role they will have in our private sector engagement on Space."