India hasn’t given ‘Yuddha’ but ‘Buddha’: PM Modi reaffirms India’s role in global peace in Austria

Jul 11, 2024

Vienna (Austria), July 11 (ANI): PM Modi on July 10 addressed the Indian Diaspora in Vienna during his visit to Austria where he spoke about India’s influence and contribution to the world peace. He further highlighted the curiosity and discussions regarding India that have been going on throughout the world for quite some time. He proudly added that India has not given any warfare but has given ‘Buddha’ means peace to the world. Addressing the Indian community, PM Modi said, “Across the world, a lot of discussion is going on over India. Everyone wants to know about India…What is India thinking today, what is India doing - it is essential to build a better-informed world regarding this...We have been sharing knowledge & expertise with the world for thousands of years. We can proudly say that India has not given 'yuddha' (war) but 'Buddha'. When I speak of Buddha, it means that India has always given peace and prosperity. That is why, even in the 21st century, India is going to strengthen this role it has. When the world views India as 'vishwa bandhu' today, it is a matter of pride for us...”