"Ideological subversion…” Story of KGB agent who explained how Indian media was controlled in 60s

Sep 19, 2023

New Delhi, September 19 (ANI): In the latest episode of the Podcast with ANI Editor Smita Prakash, BJP Rajya Sabha Member of Parliament and party spokesperson Sudhanshu Trivedi shared a startling anecdote from a book ‘The Mitrokhin Archive II: The KGB in the World’ to buttress his claims of Indian media being controlled in 1960s. Giving an example, he mentioned Yuri Bezmenov, a journalist who used to work in India in 1960s and 70s, who was a KGB agent. BJP leader said that Yuri has given a very clear-cut elaboration on how the media was controlled at that time. “He gave the phrase ‘ideological subversion’ which means demolishing the entire society by a mechanism in four parts. The first stage is ‘demoralization’ in which the brain is fed with the notion that everything including society and culture is wrong. When that issue is created, the second stage is ‘destabilization’. With that, movement will be triggered. When the second stage is achieved, there will be a ‘revolution’ in the third stage which will involve a violent reaction to capture the power. Then comes the fourth and final stage, which is called ‘normalization’ which means the regime is captured,” said Trivedi while talking about Yuri Bezmenov.