‘Global Dance Overture’ held at Russian theatre in Moscow

Sep 22, 2023

Moscow (Russia), Sep 22 (ANI/ TV BRICS): The "Russian Song" Moscow State Academic Theatre hosted the presentation of the international project "Dance Overture of the World". The ambience is completed by folk instrument music, traditional attire, ornate headdresses, required fans, and other fan-related accessories. This is a "sun over china" item. Among the audience were representatives of the diplomatic corps from China, brazil, and other countries. Dance means a lot to Brazilians. The "Kostroma" national ballet has been winning the audience's hearts for more than 3 decades. The directors tell the history of Russia through the language of dance. National character - in movement. Folk legends -in rapid rhythm. The project includes several stages. It starts with performances in the Brics countries, starting with china and India. Then, the organizers say, the program can be expanded. Any interested country will be able to join. This is what dance diplomacy looks like. The Russian foreign ministry has approved the idea. The collective travels abroad frequently. More than 20 nations have been toured by it. The new program "Dance Overture of the World" will be performed live in 2024.