Can’t work with China…” Former Maldivian President slams nation for its climate action goals

Nov 26, 2023

Cape Town (South Africa), November 26 (ANI): Emphasising on climate change issues, former Maldives president Mohamed Nasheed stressed that nobody will survive if the world temperature goes above 1.5 degrees. Nasheed said this while addressing the session on 'Guardians of the Coast: Island States and Climate Challenges,' on Day 2 of the 'Cape Town Conversation' here. Also, he questioned China’s climate action goals.Nasheed said, “This G77 and China bloc. China has an ambition of 2 degrees. Two degrees will kill us. Now, how can we partner with someone and negotiate for our own suicide. This sounds extremely silly. Unless and until you agree to 1.5, we can’t work with China. This is extremely impossible.”