Activist pleads UN to stop Pak from treating people of PoK like animals

Sep 25, 2020

Geneva (Switzerland), Sep 25 (ANI): Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) activist, Mohd Sajjad Raja pleaded the UN to stop Pakistan from treating the people of region like animals at the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in Geneva. Mohd Sajjad Raja said, “We the people of Pakistan occupied Kashmir plead UN to stop Pakistan from treating us like animals. Azad Kashmir Election Act (2020) has taken away our political, civil and Constitutional rights. We're treated as traitors in our own home. By declaring our political activities illegal, this act gives the Pakistani Army a free hand to assassinate our people through targeted killing and enforced disappearances. Pakistan is brainwashing the youth of both sides of the border in Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistan continues to run terror camp from Azad Kashmir.”