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Where Knowledge Meets Innovation: A Glimpse Into The World Of CGC JHANJERI

Feb 12, 2024

Chandigarh (Punjab) [India], February 12: Nestled in the verdant surroundings of its expansive 50-acre campus, CGC JHANJERI established in 2012, has rapidly emerged as a beacon of academic excellence in the Indian education landscape. The institution places a strong emphasis on research, teaching, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. With roots dating back to 2012, CGC JHANJERI offers a diverse range of 70+ advanced undergraduate and postgraduate programs, supported by a world-class faculty boasting alumni from prestigious institutions like IITs and IIMs. The institution's commitment to quality education is underscored by its NAAC A+ accreditation, ensuring a robust foundation for students aligned with industry standards.
An outstanding feature of CGC JHANJERI is its global perspective, with alliances extending to over 100 esteemed universities and colleges across 15 countries. This international network not only broadens horizons but also integrates theoretical knowledge with hands-on experiences, preparing students for a globally interconnected world.
The institution's dedication to student welfare is exemplified through the CGC Josh scholarship, a financial aid program that has grown significantly over the years. The scholarship, starting at 5 CR in 2021, reached 10 CR in 2023, with a proud announcement of Rs 12 CR for 2024.
The institution stands out with revolutionary academic initiatives, providing a pioneering approach to education. Experiential learning opportunities and state-of-the-art facilities equipped with innovative simulations and technologies ensure students are well-prepared for the challenges of the future. The dynamic campus life, complemented by exceptional career planning and development training, prepares students not just academically but also professionally.
Beyond academic pursuits, CGC JHANJERI places significant emphasis on extracurricular activities, contributing to holistic student development. The institution hosts a variety of events throughout the year, designed to prepare students for the realities of the world post-graduation. The vibrant campus life seamlessly blends academics and culture, creating an environment where every corner exudes energy.
CGC JHANJERI is not just a place for academic growth but also a haven for diverse experiences. Students from different nationalities and backgrounds converge, ensuring a culturally rich and diverse crowd. This diversity fosters an environment where students from varied domains learn from each other daily, making the social life at CGC JHANJERI both colorful and productive.
The institution's commitment to student well-being is evident in the wide range of student support services and initiatives aimed at ensuring a positive and nurturing learning environment. The campus boasts the latest advanced facilities, ensuring a student-centric environment. E-classrooms, high-tech labs, well-stocked libraries with e-books and e-journals, well-networked transportation, in-campus hostels with gyms, a dispensary, an SBI with ATM, sports facilities, an auditorium, and contemporary eating joints contribute to a comprehensive and conducive learning atmosphere.
Expanding the narrative, CGC JHANJERI places a strong emphasis on supporting research endeavors with full financial backing. Covering all research, presentation, and publication expenses, the College has seen 427 published research papers in prestigious journals. The student-friendly patent policy, covering expenses for patent development and filing, has resulted in 352 patent applications submitted, benefiting inventors, students, and teachers. The institution houses 50 centers of research, with an annual research budget of 15 crores, and has undertaken 75+ projects, contributing to a vibrant research ecosystem.
CGC JHANJERI's comprehensive 360 pre-placement training program includes corporate-recognized employability tests, nurturing industry-ready graduates. It owns the title of an indisputable leader in campus placements, with 800+ top-notch companies, 8500+ placements, and the highest package of Rs 45.5 lacs per annum.
Recent accolades further underscore CGC JHANJERI's commitment to excellence. Recognized by Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu, the Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh in 2023, CGC JHANJERI was lauded for its excellence in delivering quality education. The institution was honored with the Top Institute Of India Award 2023 by Competition Success Review, further solidifying its reputation for academic excellence. Additionally, Harjot Singh Bains, Education Minister of Punjab, bestowed upon CGC JHANJERI the Iconic College Of The Year 2023 award, recognizing its significant contributions to the education landscape. Ultimately, CGC JHANJERI proudly stands as an ideal choice for those seeking a well-rounded, future-ready education.
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