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Pelosi warns President Biden doesn't have much time left to decide

Jul 11, 2024

Washington [US], July 11: US President Joe Biden is facing a new wave of pressure from within the Democratic Party about the possibility of withdrawing from the re-election campaign, including from ally Nancy Pelosi.
Former US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that time is running out for President Biden to make a final decision on whether to run for re-election, according to MSNBC.
While President Biden is determined to stay on track, Pelosi said he could still pull out of the race. "We're all encouraging him to make a decision, because time is running out," Pelosi said.
Before stepping down as Speaker of the House last year, Pelosi led the Democratic Party in the House for nearly 20 years, giving her a powerful voice on many issues related to the party.
In the Senate, Senator Tim Kaine said President Biden should "take patriotic action" to prevent Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump from returning to the White House, but did not specify what that action would be.
Meanwhile, on July 10, Mr. Peter Welch became the first Democratic senator to publicly call on Mr. Biden to abandon his re-election bid due to age and health reasons.
The US House of Representatives also witnessed the 9th Democratic congressman asking the White House owner to give up his election spot to someone else, according to Reuters.
And in Hollywood, veteran actor George Clooney , a longtime Democratic donor and campaigner, warned that the party could lose control of the White House and both houses of Congress if President Biden refuses to step aside.
In an article in The New York Times 3 weeks after co-organizing a mega-fundraising event in Los Angeles (California) that brought in nearly 30 million USD for Mr. Biden, Hollywood star Clooney called on the president to stop running for re-election to avoid heavy losses for the Democratic Party.
Source: Thanh Nien Newspaper