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'Gaza deaths could be blamed on US'

Dec 07, 2023

Washington [US], December 7: Former Irish president Mary Robinson (pictured) has called on the United States to make arms deliveries to Israel conditional on restraint in the Gaza war, otherwise Washington risks being linked to civilian casualties in the fighting, she warned.
The scale of killings of innocent civilians in Gaza is unacceptable and purely verbal calls for restraint are not enough, Robinson told CNN on Wednesday.
Robinson chairs the Elders, an international non-governmental organization of senior statesmen and women, peace activists and human rights advocates, which was founded by Nelson Mandela in 2007.
"So we, as Elders are asking that countries that provide military aid, notably the United States, to Israel, now have to urgently review military assistance and put in place conditions for any future provision," she said.
"Those who have power to restrain must now restrain, and that in particular is the United States," said Robinson.
Source: Qatar Tribune