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ArtBuzz Taking Groundbreaking Move: Dehradun Founders Meetup Showcases Innovative Entrepreneurship

Dec 07, 2023

SRV Media
New Delhi [India], December 7: ArtBuzz, a leading provider of accommodations and workspaces, is gearing up to host a groundbreaking gathering named "ArtBuzz Dehradun Founders Meet Up" on December 9th, 2023, at 4:00 PM at the vibrant ArtBuzz venue. It promises an evening filled with collaboration, networking, and insights for GenZ entrepreneurs. As the event will mark the grand launch of ArtBuzz Dehradun, it is a significant step in fostering a community of like-minded individuals eager to explore new horizons.
Discussing the upcoming event, Anubha Gupta, Director, ArtBuzz expressed excitement, stating, "We are excited to bring ArtBuzz's presence to Dehradun, and our Founders Meetup embodies that enthusiasm. This dynamic gathering will bring young minds together to exchange experiences and engage in meaningful networking within an innovative community - reflecting its transformative power as a powerful driver of change. Our faith in collaboration's transformative capacity shines through here".
Shashank Negi, CEO, ArtBuzz added "With this meet up, a convergence of young minds will unfold. Exchanging experiences and forging impactful connections within an innovative community, it will showcase our unwavering belief in collaboration's transformative influence".

Agenda Highlights of The Event
Welcome and Registration: Attendees join collaborative teams for networking with name tags provided.
Keynote Address: Gain insights into the brand's vision, journey, and tailored knowledge for young minds.
Founder's Discussion: Engage in discussions with accomplished entrepreneurs, receiving firsthand insights and advice.
Networking Session: Interact with peers, exchange ideas, and build strong connections in the local entrepreneurial community.
Property tour followed by Live Music and Drinks: Explore the brand's new hostel/co-working space, showcasing dynamic workspaces and a vibrant cafe which will be followed by a the spirits of a live music and drinks session.
ArtBuzz, Beyond Accommodations
Since its establishment in December 2020, ArtBuzz's mission has been to offer inspiring accommodations, collaborative spaces, and a vibrant atmosphere for passionate individuals looking for an immersive and unique experience. Following its mission, the brand has expanded its presence to five cities, including Dehradun, Delhi, Jaipur, Manali, and Mussoorie, backed by its passionate team, composed of experienced professionals, travel enthusiasts, nomads and passionate individuals.
Key Highlights:
* 10,000+ Travellers Hosted: Hosting over 10,000 travelers, showcasing unwavering commitment to exceptional hospitality
* 1000+ Solo Female Travellers: Accommodating 1000+ solo female travelers, prioritizing safety and enhancing overall experiences
* Unlimited Memories Made: Beyond locations, our spaces create limitless memories, each moment an opportunity for lasting impressions
* 4+ Locations Unlocked: Expanding horizons with over four unlocked locations, providing diverse settings for exploration
* 100+ Total Beds: Offering 100+ beds across locations, ensuring comfort and convenience for all guests
The brand actively organizes events, from retreats and artist residencies to exhibitions, which provide the opportunity for self-expression and growth. Their distinctive blend of comfortable accommodations, a vibrant cafe serving delicious food and drinks, and dynamic workspaces foster knowledge and collaboration in an ideal environment.
As ArtBuzz extends a warm welcome to the young minds of Dehradun, the Founders Meetup offers GenZ an opportunity to form meaningful connections, exchange ideas, and participate in its exciting journey as it expands its creative haven in a new city.
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