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Nick Cordero fighting 'new lung infection' amid coronavirus battle, wife reveals

May 25, 2020

Washington DC (USA) May 25: Broadway star Nick Cordero's battle against coronavirus has seen a new setback, according to his wife.
The 41-year-old actor was hospitalized in March for coronavirus, and since then, he's fought an onslaught of setbacks that have included mini-strokes and the amputation of his leg.
After waking from his medically induced coma, Cordero's condition started "going a little downhill," as wife Amanda Kloots put it.
Now, she's offered more details as to what exactly he's up against.
"It's been a tough week," Kloots said on her Instagram story Saturday night. "Nick suffered from some new lung infection in his lungs earlier this week and since then, he's been slowly recovering, which is great."
She added: "Day by day, hour by hour, he's getting better. He's slowly getting back to where he was before this infection came about."
The next step, Kloots said, would include taking Cordero off some medications.
"I'm so proud of Nick, I'm really proud of how strong he is and, gosh, what he's gone through and his will," she continued. "I'm just really, really proud of him."Kloots concluded the video with a lengthy plea to fans to "hug your loved ones... and let them know, 'I love you.'"
On Friday, Kloots noted on Instagram that Cordero has been "defying odds" and "showing small improvements each day."
Source: Fox News