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Jaime King's estranged husband Kyle Newman claims she's a 'chronic drug addict and alcoholic'

May 23, 2020

California (USA) May 23: In newly filed court docs, Kyle Newman is claiming his estranged wife and mother of his kids, Jaime King, is a "chronic drug addict and alcoholic."
In the docs filed Friday, which were obtained by Fox News, the 44-year-old director alleges that the 41-year-old actress "refuses to acknowledge that she has a problem, let alone seek meaningful treatment for such problem."
Per the legal papers, Newman claims that King abused drugs before, while, and after their two sons -- James, 6, and Leo, 4 -- were born. He further alleges in the docs that Leo was born "addicted to opiates."
He says that King tried to get sober but allegedly relapsed in January 2020 and began "drinking even more heavily" and would disappear from their home for days at a time, according to the docs.
Newman claimed that he and over a dozen of her closest friends attempted to stage an intervention. Afterward, King checked herself into a rehab facility in Utah but shortly after checked herself out, according to the docs.
In February, Newman claims that King was in Canada for work and after visiting her with the kids she blew them off because she was "too busy" and allegedly later admitted to having an affair.
Newman is currently requesting he be granted temporary primary physical custody of his sons with King getting visitation. Currently, they share joint legal custody.
He also wants King to complete a parenting class, refrain from operating a vehicle with the children in the car, and submit to random drug testing including prescription pills.
As of May, James and Leo are residing in Pennsylvania with Newman while King is in Los Angeles.
In other documents obtained by People magazine, King has a different version of events. In addition to her divorce petition filed on May 18, she claims that Newman verbally and emotionally abused her in a domestic violence prevention petition.
She also alleges that her ex "berated me ... told me I was a terrible person and a terrible mother."
Per People, King also claims that Newman "appeared at a friend's house ... screaming and harassing me, chased me in his car, isolated me from friends, professional contacts, and employers by telling them lies about me, staged a fake intervention to force me into confinement."
She says that she only checked herself into a rehab facility to prove she wasn't using drugs or alcohol and when tested didn't have anything in her system so she checked out.
"I have suffered the most confusing trauma-filled experiences involving emotional manipulation and gaslighting caused by Respondent," King claims in her docs, according to People. "I am afraid of, and feel anxious and sick to my stomach at every encounter with Respondent."
In his filing, Newman denies King's abuse allegations.
"I have never laid a hand on Jaime nor would I," he says in his declaration. "In the past, threats of a legal and public battle on Jaime's part would cause me to back down as I have never had any desire to fight her. I have only wanted to love and support her, and keep our family safe. But now that Jamie has filed such a fictitious declaration with the court, and is seeking to have unmonitored custody of our boys, I have finally reached a place where I cannot let her threats against me stop me from doing what is in the best interest of our children, who are the most important thing in the world to me. Jaime is a drug addict, alcoholic, and is not capable of caring for our children. It is essential for their safety that they not be left with Jaime unsupervised."
And in response to Newman's filing, King's rep told Fox News on Friday: "This is another vicious, failed attempt of Kyle to continue his abuse of Jaime and manipulate the court system. Today Kyle was denied all requests for emergency orders and the judge granted Jaime shared legal custody of their two children. The temporary domestic violence restraining order remains in place to protect Jaime."
The former pair, who were an item for 15 years, tied the knot in November 2007 in an LA-area ceremony. The "Hart of Dixie" alum first met Newman on the set of "Fanboys," which he was helming and where King made a cameo appearance.
Source: Fox News