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EU will increase naval presence in the South China Sea

Mar 16, 2023

Brussels [Belgium], March 16: The upcoming EU wants to step up naval missions and possibly participate in joint military exercises to promote freedom of navigation and respect for the rule of law in the South China Sea.
The AP news agency on March 15 quoted EU special envoy for the Indo-Pacific Richard Tibbels as saying that the 27-nation alliance will increase naval missions in the South China Sea , as well as consider the possibility of joint exercises. in the area.
Mr. Tibbels said the EU is also ready to provide satellite surveillance data to help countries in the region respond to natural disasters and protect their interests, amid tensions between China and countries in the region. growing in the South China Sea .
The approach is part of the EU strategy, due out in 2021, which focuses on the bloc's actions in the Indo-Pacific to contribute to regional security amid growing geopolitical tensions. higher.
"We are deeply concerned about ensuring the continued freedom of navigation and overflight in the region, and the global trade network, unaffected by rising tensions in the region," he said. Tibbels gave an interview to The Associated Press in Manila, where he met with officials from the Philippines' diplomatic, military and coast guard forces.
An estimated 40% of the EU's international trade now flows through the South China Sea, so maintaining this waterway is a key concern of the EU.
"We will try to strengthen our naval presence ," Mr. Tibbels said in response to a question about the steps the EU is taking to ensure the maintenance of freedom of navigation operations and compliance with international law in the South China Sea, including in the South China Sea. United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea 1982.
Several European countries, including Germany, have deployed warships to the region in recent years.
Source: ThanhNien Newspaper