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Education Cannot Wait invests 48 mln dollars in Chad and Ethiopia|

Feb 16, 2020

New York (USA), Feb 16: Education Cannot Wait (ECW), a global fund for education in emergencies and protracted crises, has launched two new multi-year resilience programs in Chad and Ethiopia with 48 million U.S. dollars in seed funding, said the fund on Saturday.
Of the money, 21 million dollars will be allocated to Chad over three years in seed funding grants to catalyze the additional 30 million dollars needed to fully fund the three-year program and reach 230,000 crisis-affected girls and boys, said the fund in a press release.
Ethiopia will receive 27 million dollars in seed funding grants to catalyze the additional 138 million dollars required and reach approximately 746,000 crisis-affected girls and boys.
"We must not leave these children behind. They all have the right to develop and thrive. By working together with national governments, UN agencies, donors and other key partners, we are building a global movement to reach these children and to accelerate actions to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals within the UN's Decade of Action," said ECW Director Yasmine Sherif.
The ECW-facilitated multi-year resilience programs help bridge the gap between emergency response and long-term development, and focus on reaching the most marginalized and vulnerable children and youth, such as girls and children with disabilities, said the fund.
Source: Xinhua News Agency